Have you ever felt overwhelmed by tasks, circumstances and life in general?
Have you accepted it as the status quo?

You may not be able to magically poof away the things that led to the overwhelm, but you CAN start to take steps to eliminate the overwhelmed hamster-on-a-wheel feeling, as well as the feelings of lack of control and disempowerment that come with being overwhelmed.
This is not just another motivational talk. This is a day to join the conversation with other high performers who want to up-level to a burnout free life by taking practical focused strategies to prevent and defeat overwhelm.
Success and burnout do NOT have to go hand in hand. In fact, if stress, overwhelm and burnout are the price of success, can it really be called success?
Chronic overwhelm leads to burnout!
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  • A Back to School theme
  • Fundraising for the Nolan and Gloria McCants Foundation
  • Networking with other high performers

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